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About Us

An Association of Retired Persons - and over 50's - who enjoy skiing together.


Our mission statement

The ARP050 Ski Club exists as a non-profit organisation to promote and advance the sport of skiing among those of senior years by bringing together active like-minded people over 50 who enjoy this sport.

Our raison d'être:

There are many 'over fifties' who skied in their earlier years, often as couples or with groups of friends, who now find that due to the infirmity of one partner, the loss of ski friends, or other reasons, are now unable to do so. This club provides the opportunity to enjoy skiing again, in an atmosphere of friendship and companionship.

Our beginnings:

The club was started in 1997 as a special interest group of the Association of Retired Persons and over 50's. The original ski holiday held in 1997 had to be expanded to two ski holidays in its first year.  In the recent years, it has expanded to five/six holidays, and in 2011 we visited France, Italy, Switzerland and the USA with parties of various sizes, and provided 90 ski places in total.

Our history:

The ARP050 organisation ceased to exist at the end of 2005, and the ski group, which was a thriving club , decided to continue in May 2007 was formally Constituted as a Club 'The ARP050 Ski Club' and continues with its purpose of planning and organising holidays for its members.

The Club is affiliated to the Friendship Centre Federation


The Club welcomes new members, so if you are of our age group and have enjoyed skiing at any level, and are now unable or unwilling to do so on your own, then we invite you to give us a try.

How to do it:

Please contact our membership secretary, Alison Boswell, who will be pleased to send you some details. The Club has a membership fee of £15 per annum.  The Club has certain safety conditions which apply and these are stated on the application form.

To the piste together !